About Words to Web

My name is Steve Calvert. I am a freelance writer from the UK and I’ve been writing blog posts, product reviews, and other online content for a number of years. I have a rich and varied vocabulary, so my writing is never bland. I also have a good knowledge of SEO.

In 2016, I relocated to the Netherlands and registered my business with the Chamber of Commerce. I needed a name for my business and, rather than go with “Steve Calvert Freelance Writing Services”, I chose “Words to Web” because it’s short and to the point. It’s also extremely fitting because putting words on the web is exactly what I do.

I have a lot of experience building and managing websites. So this is an extra service I offer. I prefer to work with WordPress, but have used a number of other content management platforms. There are many reasons I have a high opinion of WordPress. One of them is it moves with the times. This is important because new plugins and themes become available every time Google changes the rules. If you are reading this page on a mobile phone you will notice my Words to Web website is fully mobile compatible. Having a mobile-friendly site is a must these days and a mobile responsive WordPress theme made this possible.

Although I am proud of my knowledge of SEO and other skills, my greatest asset is my creativity. This is something writers either have or do not have. It cannot be taught in schools, but it’s the secret sauce that allows some writers to create engaging content while others churn out bland copy that may appear to serve its purpose but lacks the pizazz necessary to make it stand out from the crowd. Figures gathered by Internet Live Stats show there are already more than a billion websites online, so standing out from the crowd is a must.

How’s your website looking these days?

If you need a freelance writer who can create high-quality content, or inject some life into your existing pages, congratulations. You’ve found the Write-Guy. Pop your details into the form on the contact page and I’ll be in touch.